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JP Capital Partners seeks capital appreciation through a long-term equity partnership with management.  Our industries of interest include business services, marketing services, consumer products and services, niche manufacturing, value-added distribution, healthcare (services and devices), media and telecom.  We are also interested in companies focused on servicing the increasingly powerful Hispanic demographic.

We seek companies that have developed sustainable business models and strong competitive positions.  Post-acquisition, we generally serve as active board members maintaining regular contact with a company’s senior management.  In addition, we often take on evaluating acquisition opportunities on behalf of the company, so as to free up management’s time to focus on the core business.

We typically seek to partner with existing management through the creation of meaningful equity participation and incentives.  In selected cases where management desires to retire or leave, we will identify and recruit new management.  We often invest a significant amount of capital at the time of acquisition as well as subsequently to support growth initiatives.