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JP Capital Partners (“JPC”) is an advisory services firm focused on creating value through partnering with management teams to build extraordinary businesses. We focus on profitable small –medium sized companies with strong competitive position. We will also get involved with turn-arounds.

The employees of JPC are large individual investors in all of our transactions.  Critical to our success and strategy is the alignment of our capital, and the capital of our limited partners with management’s equity and incentives.  Our team has the experience and resources to quickly consummate transactions, including (but not limited to):

- management buyouts of private companies
- going private transactions
- recapitalizations
- acquisitions
- control transactions of family or entrepreneur owned businesses
- corporate divestitures

Our operations background gives us valuable insight.  In addition to our investment professionals, we have a team of in-house operating professionals who assist us both in due diligence and in ongoing management of our portfolio companies.